Why a Jack of All Trades Handyman Franchise

The founders of Jack of All Trades Handyman® did extensive research on all the available industries and of all the available companies that are franchised.  Some franchised companies have good ideas and structures, but many also appear to have bad ideas and structures.  We were able to take the "best of the best" of all available franchises and target a specific industry that was both under-developed with franchise companies and ready to boom with the aging Baby Boomers, which is what makes Jack of All Trades Handyman® the best home repair business.


We have identified five specific areas that make Jack of All Trades Handyman® the best available handyman franchise in the handyman industry:


  • We have created a unique, proprietary marketing system.  Similar marketing systems are currently very successful and in use in other industries not affiliated with home repair businesses.


  • We have eliminated a huge problem for franchisees by creating a national call center.  During our investigation of the handyman industry, we found the number one concern was the time spent handling/coordinating/scheduling customers.  Our call center eliminates that issue from handyman franchisees and frees up their time to run and market their business.


  • Our interactive software allows clients, franchisees and the franchisor to interact on the same software calendar, giving us a distinct advantage over the competition.  We have worked hand in hand with the software designer to create a system that is sure to be the envy of our competitors.


  • Our entire proprietary operational system is state-of-the-art and is not being used by any other home repair business.


  • We have employed the best professional designers to create our logo and produce a color scheme that triggers a response and results in customer appointments.  Our design and colors are so unique, that it makes Jack of All Trades Handyman® easy to remember.

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