"I decided to purchase a Jack of All Trades Handyman because it was a wonderful opportunity to provide a better life for my family with no limit as to what I can do."


Mike R



"Purchasing a Jack of All Trades Handyman has given me the opportunity of independence while providing me with a support system to help ensure my success."


Matt F



"Purchasing a Jack of All Trades Handyman has given me the best business opportunity in my lifetime.  I believe it will change my family's life."


Brandon N



"I always dreamed of owning my own business, but I did not know where to start. The Jack of All Trades Handyman corporate office provides me the support system that I need to run a successful franchise."


Lindsay M



"Jack of All Trades Handyman has provided my family and I the blueprint for success we were seeking. This model allows us to help others while providing a fantastic income for ourselves."


Justin W



"We selected Jack of All Trades Handyman because of our belief in the system that has been put together, the knowledge of the founders, and the understanding that there is a need for this type of service no matter the location."


Kendra W



"Jack of All Trades Handyman was a good fit for me and how I want to run my own business. From being prompt, clean and professional, to helping out local charities."


Jeremy D



"I was at a transition point in my life and wanted to take an independent path to pursue my passions in business. The Jack of All Trades Handyman franchise opportunity is a wonderful venue to not only develop business and help others but it also provides an opportunity for residual income with the Area Development Program. All combined, it’s a perfect fit for me and my family."


Bryan L



"A great opportunity to own a business that will help me make my goals and dreams possible!"


Clint R

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